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Flea Markets
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A Short History of Moravian Pottery

Moravian potters who emigrated from Europe brought with them designs of flowers and foliage that is evidenced in the works of Gottfried Aust and his protégé Rudolph Christ.  The Moravians, who were a group of religious settlers, first settled in Pennsylvania and then later in North Carolina.  Gottfried Aust was a Master Potter who created simple patterns but with very robust and colorful motifs as was the tradition in the old country.  Rudolph Christ, who was born in 1750 in Salem,North Carolina, later became the Master Potter.  Although he learned a lot from his mentor, you will find that his designs are more geometric while still incorporating the vigorous colors and designs.


Dumb Mikey Makes takes a Bet

After a long hard day of nothing to do, Mikey decided that he would go to the local watering hole to get a drink.  Secretly he hoped one of his buddies were there so that he wouldn’t have to pay for a drink.  To his disappointment, Mikey didn’t see anyone he knew so he sat down at the bar and began watching the news.  Mikey became interested in the 6 o’clock news when they showed a man was on the Brooklyn Bridge and was threatening to jump.  The bartender, knowing Mikey, came up to him and said, “betcha $50 he jumps.” 


Thrift Store Find – Kayak II Signed Lithograph

Many of you have heard of Seabiscuit, the racehorse made famous by the most recent movie by the same name which starred Toby Maguire, but how many of you have ever heard of Kayak II? 


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October 26, 2007
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As it turns out we are not alone, it seems Jane Lawing of Elkton, Virginia had not heard of that particular horse either.  However, a few years ago she found a signed lithograph of Kayak II at a thrift store near her computer business, liked it very much and purchased it for a mere $15.  Two years later she opened an antique store and hung the picture up with a price tag of $220.  Although many people admired it, no one was interested in buying it.  She placed the item on EBay and as it turned out got multiple bids and sold it for more than the original $220 price tag she had placed on it.

Outasite!! Collectibles
Old Beer Cans and Advertising Signs

Today, The Moravian Pottery and Tile Works is a United States National Historic Landmark maintained as a working museum by Pennsylvania’sBucks County.  Handmade tiles are still reproduced in the manner of Henry Chapman (1856-1930), who was a major proponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement and founded The Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in the late 1800’s.  Floor tiles from this factory adorn the floor of the Pennsylvania State Capitol as well as other building throughout the United States.


Bella Villa

Aldie, Virginia

Fredericksburg, VA

The Cottage Room

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Norman Rockwell
Frances Hook
P.J. Redoute
Stone Lithodgraph

Fenton Factory Remains Open

Fenton Art Glass, who has been producing beautiful collectible pieces since 1905, will remain open through at least early November.  The factory, which had announced it would close its doors this year after 102 years in business, received strong support from its 4000 dealers and a surge of last minute orders.  The Fenton Art Glass factory in Williamstown, West Virginia which is widely known for its handcrafted and hand-painted pieces is a favorite among collectors.  News of the closing has brought a renewed interest earlier pieces as has been evident by this writers sales at recent antiques and collectibles shows.


Mikey thought about it for a second and said okay.  A few seconds later, the man jumped from the bridge and disgustedly, Mikey takes a fifty out his wallet and hands it to the bartender.  The bartender says to him, “naw Mikey, I was just messing around, I can’t take your money.”  When Mikey asks why, the bartender explains that he had already seen the news at 5 o’clock and knew the man would jump.  To which Mikey promptly replied, “Its okay, a bet is a bet.  I saw the 5 o’clock news too, I just didn’t think he would jump again.”

Stolen Bulgarian & Iranian Artifacts

Authorities in Bulgaria this week closed down a major antiquities trafficking channel. Police searched twenty five premises and arrested thirteen people in connection with the investigation.  The suspected ring organizer is an entrepreneur who owns many properties that include a large hotel.  The ring is suspected in over seven million dollars in thefts that included antique jewelry, coins and vases as well as marble tile, swords, knives and decorative elements from an antiques shrine.  The suspects have been charged with the equivalent of possession of stolen property and U.S. authorities have been alerted of the groups U.S. connections.

On another note, the Iranian government this week protested the auction sale of an Iranian bas- relief of a soldiers head.  Christie’s Auction house in London sold the art piece that was supposedly stolen from Iran’s Persepolis site for close to $200,000.  According the Iran’s government, all artifacts are part of the national cultural heritage of Iran and they allege that many items were stolen prior to the Islamic Revolution thirty years ago.  The bas-relief art piece had been in a private French collection since 1974.

Newsletter 05-27-2007

According to Wikipedia, Kayak II was an Argentine bred thoroughbred horse who was sired by Congreve.  He was purchased by Lindsay Howard during a trip to Argentina for $7000 and shipped back to her father’s successful racing stable in California.  The 1938 Horse of the Year and more famous, Seabiscuit, was also a member of the families stable.  As it turned out, Kayak II raced and won about 14 races and finished in the money in 23 of its 26 starts.  In 1939, Kayak II won the equivalent of today’s Eclipse Award.

The winner of the eBay auction for Lawing’s found lithograph was a man named Chris Lowe of England.  He and his wife Anita are members of the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation and they donated the picture to the Ridgewood Ranch in Willits, California where both Seabiscuit and Kayak II were stable mates.  They were interested in donating the picture because while there is much history, books, pictures and movies about Seabiscuit, hardly any information is known about the other horses at the stable.

Closer to home . . . in Mamaronek, New York, a pair of large (40 inches high) bronze mounted cobalt blue and gilt Sevres vases with bronze acorn decorated tops were stolen from a Mamaroneck antiques dealer between October 3 and 10.   The Nineteenth Century vases are valued at up to $50,000 and the dealer is offering a substantial reward for information leading to their recovery. Anyone having information about these items is asked to contact Detective Richard Carroll at the Village of Mamaroneck Police Department at 914-777-7741, referencing Report #VMPD-CR-1426-07.